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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Strange Things

Unexplained things happen all the time in this world that we live in. Its the same on the railways. One of the strangest things happened at Richmond some time ago, and I've never forgotten it.
A young man in his twenties had decided that life wasn't worth living.

As you approach Richmond in the up direction, the platform is on a curve, and for a short period the drivers vision is restricted. The young man stood at the very end of the platform and as the train came around the curve he leapt in front of it.
The driver was already slowing down as he was scheduled to stop there. He hit the young man and ran over him. However he didn't die.

He was taken to hospital, but never regained the use of his legs. He was wheelchair bound for the next two years. During this time his view of his world had not improved and he went back to Richmond station to finish off what he had started two years previously.

As the train approached around the bend again, he wheeled himself off the platform into its path. this time he was killed.

The strange thing was that the driver who hit him the first time, was the same driver the second time, driving the same scheduled train that he was driving two years earlier.

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